The Strait of Bonifacio (Hole in the course of and Gallura Bunifaziu, French bouches de Bonifacio, in dialect Bonifacino mouths of Bunifazziu) are a narrow sea between Sardinia and Corsica that are within its narrowest point about 11 km. The name comes from Bonifacio in Corsica, a town dedicated to the fortress, which was owned memo Marquis Boniface II of Tuscany, Margrave of a noble Bavarian origin of the eighth century who was prefect of Corsica. The strait is connected by ferry to Santa Teresa Gallura, at the other extreme, in Sardinia and connects the Sea of Sardinia, in the west, with the Tyrrhenian Sea to the east, with a width of about 15-20 km and a depth maximum of 100 m. At the entrance to the east, lie the islands of the archipelago of La Maddalena Italian and French ones of Cavallo and Lavezzi. La Maddalena is the largest of the islands that make up the archipelago of the same name which is located off the coast of Gallura. Since 1996 the archipelago, to the beauty of the coast and sea as well as to the integrity of the natural environment, has been recognized as a National Park. The coasts of the island consist mainly of granite and porphyry traits that define rugged and often inaccessible. The articulated configuration coast lies much of its beauty: inlets and coves where you can enjoy breathtaking views. The landscape is really impressive, you can also admire along the way Spalmatore, which allows you to travel the 20 km perimeter of the island tapping points which, depending on the location, you can see the loom of the coasts of the archipelago, the Sardinia and Corsica. The hinterland of the island is characterized by rolling hills that reach the maximum height with 146 meters of the Hill Old Guard. Still captures the attention of those who appreciate its extraordinary natural beauty and its picturesque old town.