Overlooking the crystal waters of the Adriatic Sea and protected by the Apennini, Vasto has always been considered one of the most fascinating cities of central Italy. Perhaps not everyone knows that Vasto also offers a picturesque hinterland. The rolling hills and countryside, where farmers are still dedicated to agriculture, olive groves and vineyards and the production of local products, including the famous “ventricina”.

Loved and appreciated for its ancient history which derive frome the Homeric hero Diomedes, admired for its natural beauty, Vasto is a unique city where tradition and modernity blend together.

Abruzzo is considered the “Green Region of Europe” where nature and art create an harmonipus mix. It has a historical and artistic heritage of the most extraordinary and different country and numerous cities, located between the mountain and the sea, able to enchant the visitor: the medieval Guardiagrele, the capital of wrought iron, Rocca San Giovanni, Fossacesia with the beautiful Abbey of San Giovanni in Venere, Fara San Martino, an ancient and charming village of Lombard origin, famous for his brand De Cecco, Del Verde and Cocco, pulp producers of unrivaled quality, and Villa Santa Maria, the “Fatherland” of the best chefs in the world.

From a naturalistic point of view are of undoubted interest the “Valle dell’Alento”, the “Valle del Foro”, located in the district of Fara Filiolum Petri, Bucchianico and Casalincontrada, and the Rio Verde Waterfalls, in Borrello, who, with a jump of 200 meters, are the natural waterfalls highest in Italy and among the largest in Europe.