In Carezza lake you see reflected all the colors of the iris, while the other mountain lakes are only dyed blue or green.
This wonder, however, is the result of a spell; In fact, the sorcerer of the Latemar fell in love with the nymph, the nymph who lived in the water, and tried several times to kidnap her.
So one day, recommended by the Stria Masarè did appear in Carezza lake with a beautiful rainbow in order to attract the loved one. But when the Undine left the waters of curiosity, he saw the wizard and ran scared. The magician was seized by such a furor for yet another failure that took the rainbow and threw it into a thousand pieces in the lake. And from that day, in fact, its waters reflect all the colors of the rainbow.

The wine of ghosts
In the old ruin “Haselburg”, inhabited by ghosts, a farmer Salurner discovered a fantastic wine cellar full of wines. Kidnapped by the quality of the drink, it immediately filled a jar to take home, but three ghosts stopped him making him promise to take just enough for him and his family and to keep the secret of the cellar.
So in an evening of fun with friends in his farm, he forgot his promise and offered guests a delicious wine dell’Haselburg.
Suddenly he heard screams echoing in the air of anger and magic cellar dissolved forever.
It is said, however, that the cellar there is still hidden somewhere, but no one reveals the secret.

The game of the gold ninepins
Many, many years ago, almost to the dawn of time, a nation of miners came from Brenner to seek gold and silver lived in the Pflerschtal. But their happiness was disturbed by a very rich and wicked tyrant who ruled his people with fear and demanded huge taxes. And when they could not meet his demands, the evil vented his anger with great cruelty.
For this reason these people lived in fear and misery, while the king was becoming every day more rich; so rich to build himself a skittles all pure gold.
But there came a day that the miner bravest of all, tired of the abuse, refused to work and persuaded his friends to rebel against exploitation and to fight for freedom.
The voice of this kind soon came to the ear of the king who decided to take revenge personally rebel.
The brave miner, sensing the danger, fled as fast as a chamois mountain Tribulaun chased by the tyrant who gave him no respite. Eventually the king reached him brandishing his sword high, but when he was about to strike the fatal blow, the ghost appeared powerful Tribulaun that struck with the fist the top of the mountain splitting it in two. Since that day, in fact, the Tribulaun has two peaks.
The miner could thus save and return to his people, hailed as a hero, while the devil tyrant was transformed into a cold rock, “Goldkappl” in fact, placed before the Tribulaun, and you can still see the glint red representing the cloak greed king.
The gold pins were not found, but there are rumors that still lie hidden in Pflerschtal.

Castel of the Hog
Castel del Porco was a small manor where happiness reigned and residents spent serenely the passage of time. One unfortunate day, however, by Frederick Empty Pockets, decided to conquer it, aided by his fearsome knights.
The battles that followed were very fierce and brave soldiers of the castle, though few, were defended with great courage and strength. But Frederick was very proud person and did not give himself to win, so he ordered his men to besiege the castle day and night.
With every passing day the soldiers inside the fortress became weaker and weaker because food was scarce and the situation looked hopeless. The only thing left to eat was still a big pig, insufficient to satisfy all. When all seemed lost, the captain had a brilliant idea and ordered: “You begin to laugh, dance and celebrate. Roasted pork and throw down the walls! “People were stunned, wondering if their commander had lost his mind, but they did so because they placed great confidence in him.
When Frederick the Empty Pockets heard the festivities and saw the pig thrown from the walls, he thought that his opponents still had food in abundance and strength to face a thousand battles; red with anger as he exclaimed: “I’m invincible, go home!”