ASTI_2The ancient center of the Palio, truffles and wine lies in the heart of the Monferrato hills, on the bank of the Tanaro. The city was founded by the Ligurians and passed to the Romans under the name of Hasta, met during the Middle Ages an extraordinary power and wealth, which are still reflected in the buildings and buildings in the center. Asti is one of the most beautiful art cities of the region: in the medieval core of the ancient fortified houses alternate with the palaces of the ’700 and 800”, including the Palazzo Alfieri, where he was born in 1749 the noble trageda; the Gothic church of S. According to the majesty of the system rivals with the Cathedral and the stately Romanesque Rotunda of St. Peter. Each year the center is held on the third Sunday of September, the “Palio di Asti,” while autumn is marked by a continuous celebration, including festivals and fairs, gastronomic wonders of Asti.