ATTILA AD AQUILEIAThe invasion of the Huns and the conquest of Aquileia by Attila left a deep trace in the history of Italian. Even today we can find proof in the common idioms of the area, in fact we call “Attila” people particularly violent or aggressive.
There are many legends born on this character in relation to the city of Aquileia, we can mention three:
1 – “The Siege”. Aquileia was putting up a stiff resistance to the invaders. Attila was about to order his retreat, when he rode away in flight of storks with their young. Now understood that the city no longer had the supplies needed to feed the population, it maintained the siege for a few days and was able to conquer it.
2 – “The hill”. Once burned the city Attila, now far away, he ordered the warriors to bring the land into their helmets and pour it into a predetermined point. The soldiers were very numerous, and in a short time managed to form a mound with the earth shows, on which Attila was able to watch the smoke rise from burning city. It is said that the hill is that of Udine, on which stands the castle, but also other places in the region “pretend” to have the same origin.
3 – “The gold pit.” Some inhabitants of Aquileia had managed to escape before the fire, finding refuge in the island of Grado. Before the flight, however, had made their slaves dig a pit in which they had hidden all the treasures and gold objects. To keep secret the slaves were drowned, and the pit gold ever found. This myth was considered so unlikely that until the First World War, contracts for the sale of land included the clause “I’ll sell the field, but not the gold pit”, ensuring the eventual discovery to the previous owner.