BAGHERIA E LE VILLEBagheria (Baarìa in Sicily [3]) is an Italian town of 54 257 inhabitants in the province of Palermo in Sicily. Bagheria is also known as the City of Ville. After Palermo, is the most populated municipality of the province and the twelfth of Sicily, situated on the Tyrrhenian coast of the region 8 kilometers from the capital.
The villas are almost all of the eighteenth century, the style is baroque. Not all visited and many have been abandoned, they represented a time the most valuable summer residences of the Palermo. Recently it has been suggested a precise architectural intent with close reference to the eighteenth-century alchemical philosophy that would be the basis of building some villas, especially Valguarnera Villa and Villa Palagonia; in many sculptures and decorations of these villas appears the god Mercury, which in the alchemical process presided over the transmutation of matter from the primordial state of blackness to the end of the rubedo through the albedo. Even the floor plan of the Villa and Villa Palagonia Valguarnera, considered together with driveways, would be inspired by the shape of the key alchemical Opera. This context strongly symbolic likely stemmed from the desire to create a congregation where the aristocrats Arcadian followers could devote themselves to the liberal arts and the philosophy of alchemy, the hostile away Inquisition Tribunal of Palermo.