BEPPE FENOGLIOBeppe Fenoglio was born in Alba on March 1, 1922 by Amilcare and Margaret Faccenda.
The father came from Monforte, one of the villages perched on the Langhe from which the farmers were trying to escape a life marked by hardship and toil; was a man of gentle spirit and led to friendship, that did not betray the character of his former rooted in the Langhe “so no job and no religion, so imprudent, so in love with him.”
The mother of Fenoglio, on the contrary, was a woman of Catholic education, energetic and practical, holding firmly the government of the family. The maternal line came from Canale, a country on the left side of the Tanaro that Fenoglio define “most of the clerical clerical dell’oltretanaro countries” where people “had to flag just what Fenoglio, according to her, is easily put under his feet: the fear of God and the honor of the world. ”
This sharp contrast between paternal and maternal roots, will deeply mark the formation of the identity of the writer and his predilection for the rural archaic, bizarre and blood of the Langhe hills who feel they belong to his father’s origins but mainly for nature.
“As for me, I must say that the mixture of blood Langa and plain made me even then battle in the veins, and highly respected if my maternal relatives, the father I loved them with a passion, and when we came to school in words as “atavism” and “ancestral”, the heart and the mind and invariably I flew immediately to the cemeteries to relax ”
A charm, the open spaces of nature, the games in rittani, the lonely places and rural life, which Fenoglio suffered an early summers spent by the paternal relatives of the Langhe of San Benedetto Belbo and Murazzano, in close contact with the life “damned” tough but simple farmers who grasps masterfully in his novels.
Characters outspoken, abbruttiti from work by their common struggle for survival in a land avaricious, who suffer the fate with resignation and without emotional outbursts and will to live.