On the slopes of the Bergamo Alps, between the Val Brembana and Seriana that, in the high plains of Lombardy, Bergamo is located in the heart of Lombardy, confining only with the Lombard territories, specifically the provinces of Sondrio in the north, east Brescia, Cremona Lodi and south and finally Milan, Lecco and Monza-Brianza to the west. Bergamo looks like a typical medieval town with its fortified old town, rich in monuments and works of art, and the village grew up at his feet, making a brisk manufacturing center, as well as the headquarters of the institutional buildings, theater and museums . The province boasts high mountains, therefore, the most significant peaks are found in the Bergamo Alps, and coincide with the Pizzo Coca (3,050 meters) and the Redorta (3,038 meters), such as the lovely lakes Iseo and Endine, hills and valleys and famous for the protection of which were also established protected areas.