CASANOVAGiacomo Casanova was born in Venice April 2, 1725, was an adventurer, writer, poet, alchemist, diplomat, philosopher and Italian secret agent, a citizen of the Republic of Venice.
Him remains a vast literary production but is mainly remembered as adventurer and as the one who made their name synonymous with the seducer. At this reputation likely helped his most important work, Histoire de ma vie (Story of My Life), in which the author describes, with the utmost frankness, his adventures, his travels and his many amorous encounters.
Reading this book is an important tool to learn about the everyday men and women of the time, to understand from within the everyday life.
Between courts and lounges, Casanova touched, almost without realizing it, a moment of epochal turning point in history. He met many of the greats of his time and he documented the meetings; were among these characters as Rousseau, Voltaire, Madame de Pompadour, Mozart, Catherine II of Russia, Frederick II of Prussia.
In Venice there are many places frequented by Casanova, but we can indicate the most significant:
- The Leads are the attic (consisting of lead plates) of the old prisons (Prisons old) in Venice, located in the complex of the Palazzo Ducale. Here Casanova was imprisoned for his relationship with the nun MM and from which he escaped.
- Palazzo Merati, on the Fondamenta Nove, the building that now belongs to Count D’Emile plate Audifret, where they lived the mother and sisters of Giacomo Casanova.
In this rich apartment, the only one still left in the area where he lived when Casanova returned to Venice after receiving the grace, is still the alcove complete with a canopy bed and stucco where the famous seducer consumed his nocturnal adventures with Venetian ladies.
- A Rialto, just down from the bridge, after the Court, you will find sotoportego the Do Mori and you can make a stop in the homonymous tavern, where, since ’500 preparing cicheti and typical Venetian dishes that you can enjoy with a delicious Malvasia, just like Casanova used to do, when you stop here and wait for his lovers or chat with regular customers. Continuing towards the fish market, the Beccarie, you could stop in Poste Vecie trattoria restaurant is open from ’500, where, again, Casanova grant himself a feast.
- After lunch we move towards Piazza San Marco, elegant square with its cafes and its hidden corners has been the scene of many erotic adventures of the seducer.
Behind the square on calle Vallaresso, you can find what was the famous Reduced, now part of the Hotel Monaco & amp; Grand Canal and preferred location by the Venetians and not, for weddings, ceremonies and celebrations, but that was once the gambling house where Casanova, hiding behind a mysterious disguise, he spent many hours gambling in the company of Venetian noblemen, in ‘waiting for one of his amorous encounters.
- A Murano has worn one of the most legendary adventures of the seducer: the love affair with MM, a mysterious nun of the convent of Santa Maria degli Angeli.
Get off at the stop Venier you will still find the wooden jetty and the door of the convent where the nun came out, accompanied by a young friend, both lovers of Casanova, who was waiting in the gondola, in the dark of night, hidden behind a mask that hid his identity.