CASTEL PIETRAThe Stone Castle is a castle located in the valley of Primiero placed on a boulder to the left of the highway for the step Cereda, at the mouth of the Val Canali.
Legend traces at the time of Attila, though more probably it was built under the Bishops of Feltre. It was mentioned for the first time in 1273.
In 1401, terminated the Venetian rule, the castle passed to Welsperg and became their summer residence. Destroyed by the Venetians in 1511, was partly rebuilt in 1565, but still suffered fires and devastation in 1675 and was abandoned altogether. In 1865, indeed, full of underlying stream channels eroded the rock on which it rested leading to a further collapse.
The ruins have been restored in the eighties, are the property of Count Georg Siegmund Thun-Hohenstein-Welsperg. The ancient appearance of the castle can be reconstructed only through the representations period: quadrangular, you probably developed on two floors. At the bottom of the lords lived and there was a great room and a private chapel dedicated to St. Leonard; Some factories were located above (a mill, a sawmill and a forge) and the local militia.”