CASTELLO DI VERRESBuilt on a rocky peak overlooking the village below the castle is mentioned for the first time in 1287 as owned by Mr. De Verretio. An inscription carved in Gothic characters attests that was Ibleto of Challants in 1390 to put his hand in the work that they did take the building its present appearance. In 1536 Renato Challants renewed the defense structures, adapting them for modern firearms. On this occasion, a boundary wall with a battery, buttresses and towers sided attack, suitable for the use of mortars and cannons cast in the feud that had the Earl of Challants in Valangin, Switzerland; the entry was made more secure by implementing dell’antiporta with the drawbridge opening of loopholes. It was provided also to open new windows in cruise, in addition to those kind and mullioned Gothic lancet existing and new Moorish arched doorways, of Spanish-inspired The interiors were enhanced with new furnishings. On the death of Renato Challants (1565) without male heirs, the castle was taken over by the Savoy. In 1661 Duke Charles Emmanuel II ordered the dismantling of weapons and transfer them to the fort of Bard, a strategic point where the defense was concentrated in the Valle d’Aosta. The Challants regained possession of the castle in 1696 and kept it until the end of the family, in the early nineteenth century. At that time, the castle was abandoned for almost two centuries: the roof, already partly collapsed, had been demolished completely to avoid paying duty, so that the upper floors were exposed to the elements and overgrown with weeds. The rescue of this castle, like those of Issogne and Fénis, you have the interest of a group of Piedmont intellectuals who share a passion for the Middle Ages.