CASTELLO SONNINOThe Sonnino Castle stands on a promontory overlooking the sea, a few kilometers from the city of Livorno, near the village of Quercianella in place Hermit.
The Castello Sonnino is a neo-medieval style building: the entire structure is covered by a thick theory of small battlements, which, from a distance, they take the house look even more impressive.
The interior is simple and austere: the only important element is a finely carved wooden door according to the neo-Gothic style. Still recognizable is the original structure of the fort, and in particular that of the Medici glacis, which is now converted into a reception hall.
Even the outdoor chapel recalls the medieval style, with an open front with a small ogival mullioned window; Inside the small room is rectangular, enclosed by an apse, covered by a row of wooden trusses.
In addition, the mansion has a private marina, where there is a small neo-medieval tower, able to accommodate up to 10 small boats and devoid of any service; the water is very low (1 – 1.50 meters).
Today the castle is a private residence and therefore not accessible to the public, except on special occasions, such as during the “Days of the FAI” held in 2007, when the property opened the mansion to the locals and the many tourists.