CAVA MUSEO FANTISCRITTIThe quarry Fantiscritti museum is located in the heart of the marble quarries of Carrara and was inaugurated on August 16, 1987 after years of research work of Mr. material. Walter Danes.
At the entrance you can admire the life-size sculptures by the sculptor Walter Boutros Romein in the Laboratory of the Danes.
They reproduce figures of workers and a pair of oxen while performing some of the work phases.
The museum wants to witness the work at the quarries and the social conditions of the workers who worked there; In fact, the museum has reproduced the home of quarrymen, a humble dwelling where families lived, their only “treasure” were the “hobnail boots” without which the father could not go to work, their cost was equal to the pay for risuolarli fifteen working days.
The layout of the museum is conceived as a function of a visit cultural and exciting.
Undoubtedly we can not list all the tools that you are exposed to, but everything has with him a piece of history; the visitor will be able to savor the “culture” of the miners and the history of these mountains.