CHIOGGIA_2The second largest city in the Venetian lagoon, is located in its southern end, near the mouth of the Brenta. While Venice extended its dominion over the Adriatic, Chioggia was repeatedly destroyed and looted, at least by the Genoese. Citizens, sorely tried, they decided to abandon the coastal district of Submarine and take refuge on the island, entirely protected from the water. This led to the development of the city mainly devoted to fishing. Its center is divided lengthwise by a canal called the vein, which opens into the streets, and which is parallel to the course of the People, more than twenty meters wide and the center of city life. On it the palazzi of the barn, the cathedral, with the nearby square bishop, and the churches of St. Martin and St. Andrew. In contrast to Venice, the town of Chioggia is accessible to traffic.