CINERAMNIACineramnia, in Teramo, is a film festival that takes place in a week in June. The formula that characterizes this festival is simple: 5 film directors shoot 5 movies in 5 days, 5 Italian and European film schools were invited to shoot and edit a short film in five days. The sixth day, the 5 short films are screened in the square and the crowd votes the better. Starring the courts are the citizens who have supported three months before an audition. The event was born thanks to an intuition of Marco Chiarini, director and chairman of the Dimitri Bosi Cineforum of Teramo, who organized the event and developed thanks to the collaboration of numerous professionals including journalist and musician Paolo Marini. The name Cineramnia was conceived by director StefanoSaverioni. In the week of the shoot also, while the shorts are made, are held lectures and workshops on cinema and its technical aspects, linguistic, narrative, dramatic, with the necessary equipment to numerous screenings.