LAGO D’AMPOLACivitella del Lago deserves for its geographic location, perhaps even the name of Civitella Belvedere. From its 476 meters. s.l.m. opens our eyes to the Middle Tiber Valley dominating the current Lake Corby, and identifying the horizon territorial boundaries ranging from Monti Cimini (Lazio) Amiata (Tuscany).
Her blue skies and pure air make the center more characteristic of the director Todi-Orvieto. Old medieval town built on blocks of travertine pure white, his summers smell of corn and wheat while autumns have the taste of the wort bubbling and stinging black olive.
Behind wooded mountains and picturesque rural villages until, crossed the rugged gorge Forello, the medieval town of Todi. Beyond the Lake Corby is the Etruscan city of Orvieto.
This city is visited each year by many tourists lovers of rural tourism, in fact the structures are the most popular of Orvieto farmhouses. Choose a house in Orvieto means to spend a holiday between history, art and nature. But what is particularly striking is undoubtedly the tourists breathtaking views that can be seen overlooking the ancient walls that surround the castle of Civitella south Belvedere Square.
Who looks out there, ranging with the look of a vast panorama of the city of Orvieto comes to the Oasis of Alviano. On the horizon is the size of Montefiascone city and on a clear day you can also see the Monte Amiata, in short, the three regions at a glance.