The province of Cosenza has beautiful mountain and beach resorts. In the Upper Tyrrhenian have strong tourist towns of Praia a Mare and Diamond with beaches with cliffs, coves and crystal clear waters; in the area there is the island of Dino known for its Blue Grotto. Scalea is also worth visiting, not only renowned for the sea and beautiful beaches, but also for the old town which preserves the typical features of medieval towns. Center of worship and pilgrimage is the Sanctuary of San Francesco di Paola, which houses the relics of the saint who lived between 1416 and 1507. Monastic complex was enriched by the construction of a new church that combines the ancient Sanctuary, the old hermitage and the Library. The city of Cosenza has a beautiful and well-preserved historical center, where you can visit the Academy Cosentina founded by Aulus Janus Parrazio in 1501, the Rendano Theatre, the Palace of the Province, the City Museum and the Library. The castle, which dates back to Norman times, is one of the best preserved in Calabria. Of particular interest are also the towns and mountain areas as Cerchiara Calabria with the Sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Armi century. XI which is more than 1000 m above sea level. In San Giovanni in Fiore, where in 1189 Joachim of Fiore established his monastery, you can visit the Abbey, in whose crypt are preserved the remains of the Abbot. Resorts very equipped for winter sports are Camigliatello Silano and Lorica.