The geographic area that is usually identified as Tavoliere is a plain lifting, that is a large flat area that once was under the sea level. Its width is about 4 kilometers and its perimeter can be recognized in conjunction Mountains Dauni, Gargano and the Adriatic Sea, to the north by the river Fortore and south from the river Ofanto.
The Tavoliere is the second largest plain in Italy after the Po Valley. Being surrounded to the north and to the south by the rivers and Fortore Ofanto, the plain sometimes, especially during the fall season is subject to flooding caused by the flooding of these rivers; On the contrary, during the rest of the area suffers from the strong periods of drought.
Within this area can identify two distinct zones: the Upper and Lower Tableland Tableland, which are characterized by particular morphological traits: Upper Tableland we can see a series of terraces and a typical continental climate, while in low Tableland the land is mostly flat, with very mild slopes.
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