Varese Garden City is the name that perfectly describes the marriage between art and nature that, for several centuries, characterizes the soul of this vibrant and dynamic city situated on seven hills and surrounded by historic “castle”, the districts located around the center town. Riches landscape, architectural and art were much appreciated during the course of the eighteenth century, when the city became a tourist destination. Then, at the beginning of the twentieth century, with the “bloom” on the territory of villas and hotels famous Art Nouveau, the entrepreneurial genius joined the artistic, embedding itself in a harmonious landscape and exciting now protected in the Regional Park of Monte dei Fiori which closes north basin occupied by three beautiful lakes: Lake Varese, Lake Monate and Lake Comabbio. Among the places of historical interest – culture, there is the ancient Castle of Masnago and the seventeenth-century Villa Mirabello, which is surrounded by a magnificent park, one of its many green areas of the Garden City. The territory of Varese in the west end on the Lombardy side of Lake Maggiore, where they are facing the town of Sesto Kalends, Angera, Laveno, Luino and Macclesfield, each with its natural beauty and architecture, typical of lakeside towns.