On a promontory overlooking the sea at 230 meters above sea level rises Tindari, home to one of the most famous Marian shrines of Sicily. Today’s Tindari is a fraction of Patti and is in a position adjacent to the ancient archaeological site of Tyndaris, founded in 396 BC
Apart from the archaeological remains and the areas that time has managed to retain not to be missed, once in Tindari, is the Shrine of the Black Madonna.
The origins of this statue are linked to a legend according to which the sculpture was transported by sea and landed in Tindari once the ship was unable to restart. The Sanctuary, as we can see today, is situated on a promontory overlooking the sea, at the ancient acropolis, where he built a small church. The statue of the Black Madonna is carved in cedar wood and comes most probably from the East.
Besides this beautiful church another very charming place is the Lagoon of Tindarys that is on route 113, along the Tyrrhenian coast. A truly breathtaking scenery and, for lovers of the sea, very unique. Another place is very charming beach Marinello.