The park covers about 10 thousand hectares in the municipalities of Resia (home institution), Resiutta, Udinese bushel, and Venzone Lusevera. Includes area between the Alps and the Julian Alps, bordering Slovenia. Among its limitations the higher parts of the mountain chains Plauris (1958 m) of the Musi mountains (1869 m) and Mount Canin (2587 m). We then descend in altitude only at the fraction of Povici in Resiutta and in the Valley of the River Mea Lusevera. The area is affected by natural phenomena varied and diversified, both superficial and deep. The first create a garden karst while the latter are particularly important near the Col delle Erbe, where are located the main cavity of the area, some over one thousand meters deep. The park contains a part of the karst plateau of Mus Foran, across a glacier still lingering residue of Mount Canin, one of the few in the eastern Alps and placed at the lowest altitude; also the narrow river valleys of the Rio Nero and Val Venzonassa. There are also numerous ravines and the jumps of the waterways that lead to spectacular waterfalls such as Fontanoni Barman and Goriuda. The flora is especially rich and developed endemic species such as the Gentian Froelich and Poppy of the Julian Alps. The fauna has elements belonging to geographic areas as diverse as the rock partridge (the symbol of the park), the chamois, the ermine. Presence also some bears and lynx.