ELEONORA DUSEWhat Eleonora Duse is a glory chioggiotta there has never been any doubt. One of his bronze bust boasts the hall of the City Council and a plaque stands in the homonymous street. The same biographies appeared in the press at the time of death claimed him in a peremptory manner, “Eleonora Duse,” he wrote, for example, the Corriere della Sera, “was a native from Chioggia wore in her eyes that nostalgia of distance, that sense of loss in the vastness
infinite horizons of their seafaring people. “Doubt or rather the misunderstanding about its origins was raised by some to the fact that the actress is in the acts born in Vigevano” at 2 am on October 3, 1858 “in a small room of a modest hotel, the “golden Dog”, which was later demolished to make way for a supermarket.
His grandfather, Luigi Duse, was the inventor of the popular comic character of Giacometo Spasemi, the founder of the theater “Duse”, then “Garibaldi”, which stood until the last war just in front of the Cafe Pedrocchi of Padua. The same his father, Alexander, continued the family legacy, being part of that company Duse – Laguna where he took his first steps even a child. Therefore born on tour, the actress returned to Chioggia when she was five months.
Since that time flew by beating the flaps in long tour of Europe and America, directly inspiring authors such as D’Annunzio, who was tied in a difficult relationship artistic and sentimental, and masterfully interpreting works of Dumas, sardou, Suderman , but especially Ibsen.
For a symbolic coincidence will still be a hotel room (the “Schenley”) of 4th street in Pittsburg in the U.S. that will expire at 2.30 in the morning of 21 April 1924. Was basically the fate of a “daughter of ‘art’, arose in a lineage of actors.
Unique privilege that remained was to see in Chioggia placed over the coffin on its own crown next to that of the monarchs, the government and the daughter.