Founded by the Romans in the second century. C. under the name Forum Livii intersection of the street with the consular road that led to Tuscany, the city is situated in the eastern part of the Po Valley along the Via Emilia, a few kilometers from the seaside resorts of the Adriatic coast (30 km – 35) and at the foot of the green hills of the Tuscan-Romagna. Forli retains significant traces of the Romanesque period is both the Renaissance, which saw Ms. Caterina Sforza unchallenged in the city. Also notable is the presence of a rich heritage of the rationalist period of the twenties and thirties.

City of art then, but not only home to a major university center with prestigious faculty, the airport “Ridolfi” linked to national and international airports, a multipurpose center in regional importance, the Factory of Candles, dedicated to creativity and training for young people.

Typical example of a medieval citadel Bertinoro, dominating an impressive landscape where the view extends to the sea. And ‘considered the’ city of hospitality ‘to the tradition of the column by the twelve rings, each corresponding to one of the old families, appointed to host the stranger, coming, we tied the horse.

Along the valley of the Rabbi meets Predappio, surrounded by vineyards which produce Sangiovese Doc. Expanded between the twenties and forties of the twentieth century, looks like a real “museum city”, the original testimony of the urban and architectural styles of Rationalism.