FRATTA DELL’800Every year in September, the city of Umbertide makes a jump into the past to come back in the nineteenth century. Customs, traditions, culinary arts, politics and culture of the time, come to life in the “Celebration of September to the end of the nineteenth century” (year 9-12 September). And for the occasion, Umbertide makeover. It also changes the name, returning to the old name of Fratta.
The “Fratta century” wants to remember the way of life of the time referring to a precise historical documentation. While leaving space at the spectacular, in fact, historical reconstructions are extremely reliable, except perhaps some concessions to worldliness with the beautiful costumes of the more than 200 participants.
Umbertide the end of the 800 meant a strong shock the social, cultural and political life. This is because, subjugated for years by the domination of the Papal Government and passed to the Kingdom of Italy, the inhabitants of Umbertide (who took this name from 1863) took for the first time aware of the changes taking place around the world. Umbertide then tried to catch up with the times: the nineteenth Fratta therefore proposes a cross-section of that territory when, despite still being crossed by the troops of the formations of the Risorgimento, was beginning to feel more lively, especially in the forms of popular culture, now free from constraints and the complaints of the Papal Government.
In fact, the program of the festival offers many encounters with music from operas and operettas, plays, poetry readings and prose authors of the century, puppet shows, conferences and reconstructions of battles of the Risorgimento.
But a place of excellence does the cooking time, which will be demonstrated in the 14 taverns in the historic center of Umbertide. Recipes rigorously authentic relive the days of the festival, which thus becomes an occasion, especially for the younger ones, to rediscover ancient flavors Frattegiani. A gastronomic journey will take you to tavernas, inns and taverns, 800, were meeting point for foreigners passing through the Fratta, but especially for the locals.
Between music, tastes, dancing, games, workshops, boys, robbers and housewives, re-enactment of the great Fratta will take you back in time to relive a moment making the atmosphere of the nineteenth umbertidese.