GIOVANNI SEGANTINIThe painter was born in Bow in 1858, he moved to Bregaglia with the whole family in 1894. A Maloja, where the light is that he loves so much purer, more special, his artistic maturity reaches its climax. The greatest Italian pointillist painter prefers the rustic theme, which is reflected in his works in the majestic and pristine alpine scenery, and even Throne of Maloja, where he stays in the winter, as well as in the Engadin. In Bregaglia valligiano becomes friend of the painter Giovanni Giacometti, father of the famous Alberto Giacometti, and sometimes the two paint together. His studio, which is now in Maloja, is a scale model of what would have been the Engadine pavilion for the Universal Exhibition of 1900: a round building with a diameter of 70 meters. But due to lack of funds Segantini fails to complete the gigantic pictorial representation of the Engadine landscape that the pavilion was supposed to host. His most famous work “triptych of nature,” preserved in the Segantini Museum in St. Moritz. The three paintings entitled “Nature,” “The Life” and “Death” are respectively as background Throne of the mountain scenery, dusk seen from Schafberg in the winter landscape of the Upper Engadine and Maloja.