Volterra, a jewel of Etruscan, Roman, Medieval and Renaissance art, from a hill overlooking the valley of the Cecina and the sea. The ideal destination for a holiday in Tuscany, exploring one of the most pristine areas in the region that is at the same time just a step from the sea and from the most important cities of art.
A Volterra history has left its mark with continuity from the Etruscan period until the nineteenth century, with artistic and monuments of great importance, which can be seen just by walking through the streets of the historic center, but also visiting the three main museums: the Etruscan Museum, the Art Gallery and the Museum of Sacred Art.
In addition to these pristine landscape, a still life quality of human dimension and a unique artistic crafts: alabaster. A city to live intensely, to discover little by little, with its atmosphere, its contrasts, the throb of a civilization and a culture that makes it “unique” and unrepeatable.