Golfo dei poetiIt might seem like a legend, a tale of other times brought into the world by the voices of the community. It makes you think that he could not find the place now more than a myth that has rocked so far and singular. Yet, where the Mediterranean, the sea of our life, it is made even more sweet and kind as well as home to collect on a lake, a small land of Riviera keeps alive a secret for many centuries: it is here that the poem has found his horizon and his house. Among the rosy shadows of its villages, in mild movement of its hills, beyond the deepest blue of its sea, this earth opens discreet steps to your dream miraculously intact Shelley, Petrarca and Montale, the mystery of the perfect harmony of a unison singing between man and the sea, its land. A unique microcosm, so close to the usual tourist routes, yet so far away from clichés. Who crosses its borders of steep cliffs and towering pine trees knows that begins a journey of awe and wonder, even after so many centuries, a landscape that creeps up in the look to blend in with the soul of those who are walking. And ‘this, the Gulf of Poets, the Gulf of La Spezia.