GROTTE DI CASTELLO TESINOThe caves of Castle Tesino open into the wild ravine between Mount Agaro and Monte Coppolo.
They were discovered in 1926 by the surveyor From Rugna S. Donato.
Soon the cavity was equipped to allow exploitation for tourism purposes, and since then, it is visited by many fans. It has a total length of 400 m. and its complete exploration could not be carried out to date. The cave is of karstic origin: water, particularly rich in carbonic acid, chemically and physically interacting with the limestone, dolomitic limestone and dolomite of the Rhaetian, not only proceeded to excavate the cave, but it has also helped to create a fairytale building, with a slow work of millennia, stalactites and stalagmites and other concretions from the forms and colors are particularly evocative. The cavity is called locally “Bus de la lora”.