Sulmona is regarded by many as the home of candy, as it boasts a centuries-old history of several artisan families who over time have been able to make known this product. The classic candy consists of a sugar-coated almonds, but many variations are now widespread formed by a core of pistachios, hazelnuts or chocolate covered. It is a specialty has always used as a symbol of luck and prosperity and produced since ancient times. The origins of the candy are not certain, but the leading theory sees the doctor of Arab Al-Razi, the inventor of this sweet. Initially it was used for therapeutic purposes: Al-Razi, in fact, covered the most bitter pills with a layer of sugar to make them more acceptable, especially for children.
In the past, these cakes were used as a sign of good omen as confetti, using a coriander seed instead of the almond kernel. Today, for this reason, the word confetti in many languages indicates their famous paper confetti protagonists of many festivities.