I GIOIELLI IN FILIGRANA DI CAMPO LIGUREThe goldsmith’s art and fine filigree work light indicates that mimic the arabesque, made with thin threads of gold or silver, which have an infinite number of objects in various forms.
In 1884, a teacher, Antonio Oliveri, he opened his own workshop for processing a watermark in his hometown of Campo Ligure. His example was followed by other artisans’ workshops and soon reached the consistency of less than 33. For a long time only in Italian craftsmen of Campo Ligure worthily may qualify as the only heirs of those who in ancient times had contributed in various ways to improve and evolve this art that has stopped in Liguria. Even today, as well, in his laboratory, an artisan with “bruscelle” (pliers of various sizes), a torch to solder the wires of silver, its tile, re-invents and creates its silver embroidery the filigree jewelry. The preciousness of these objects is not given as much as the materials from the patient and painstaking process that is hidden in each of them. Almost nothing has changed in the workshops of these artisans: the art and technique here is inextricably tied to the skill of a true artist. While the others are chasing the pace of a fast-paced society and impetuous, the filigree has stopped time, and continues to repeat the gestures of a distant past, giving new shape to an ancient art.