The WWF Oasis Macchiagrande in Fiumicino is a dense set of highly varied environments representative of the Mediterranean scrub behind the dunes interwoven in a Mediterranean forest among the most beautiful and best preserved in Italy in the Lazio coast. Areas, facing the pond Porpoises lies a precious and rare forest hydric. Many tortoises, symbol of the oasis, dominate the territory. Starting from the sea, the flora includes dune pioneer plants such as bindweed, maritime sea holly, sea plantain, sea lily. On top of the dune area behind the dunes and juniper, juniper, rosemary, mastic, myrtle, laurel. The forest is composed of holm oak and, in wetter areas, alder and various species of poplars. There are several species of wild orchids. Is very rich waterfowl including mallard, teal, cormorant, gray heron, egret, bittern, purple heron. Among birds of prey marsh harrier, kestrel, buzzard and osprey. Many passerines and stain the wood. Among the mammals are present porcupine, wild rabbit, fox, marten and harvest mouse. On the spot you can find many individuals tortoise common symbol of the oasis.