I MERCATINI DI NATALEEvery Christmas Market Original Alto Adige has its own special charm: five cities for five unique ways of seeing, hearing, taste the excitement of Christmas.
The original Christmas markets in South Tyrol are held in five major cities of South Tyrol. Every city is different, so also changes the atmosphere that is found in every single Christmas Market. Among others are not far from each other, so you can be able to visit more markets in a day, either by car or by train.
The traditional Christmas market in Bolzano takes place on the famous Piazza Walther, illuminated for the occasion by many lights. Are located near the historical center, the arcades and the train station. In addition there are several other markets in the streets and squares adjacent, as in Piazza Municipio, Piazza del Grano and in the courtyard of Palazzo Campofranco.
On the weekends traditional music with horn and brass bands in Piazza Walther from 14.00 to 18.00. Every Saturday afternoon at 17.00 the groups of notes sounding brass Christmas from the balcony of Palazzo Mercantile.
From the second Sunday of Advent, young artisans artists from different Italian and foreign places display their work in the old town to the Art Market Review. Here may be sold only objects made by hand, without the use of machines. Are exposed leather, wool, glass or ceramics, musical instruments, tools, wood, wooden toys, rings, bracelets and jewelery, which are presented directly from the manufacturer.
In Piazza del Grano, via Argentieri and in the streets of downtown non-profit associations in Bolzano propose their social projects and the sale of gift items, home decor and food.
Children can choose between entertainment designed specifically for them, puppet shows, musical carousel, pony excursions through the streets of the center (for a fee) and carriage rides each day (for a fee). A service of the Red Cross of Bolzano provides mothers with small children the cottage heated Bimbo Point on the south side of Piazza Walther, in front of the Christmas tree.
Merano, however, is nestled in a sunny valley at the confluence of the Val Venosta, Val Passiria and Val d’Adige South Tyrol. The city is a place of care and accommodation of international reputation and is sheltered by the high mountains of the Texel group to which the climate is mild and temperate.
The old town includes the stretch of Portici (now with various shops) that connects Piazza del Grano in Piazza Duomo, the Steinach district, Via Leonardo da Vinci, via delle Corse and the three city gates of the medieval village still visible today. There are several walks, parks and a botanical garden in Trauttmansdorff.
The 80 houses decorated the Christmas Market of Merano are located on either side of the walk along the Passer river that goes from the bridge to the Theatre Post Bridge. Visitors find themselves immersed in a fairy-tale Christmas with the romantic backdrop of the Kurhaus and the Spa. In some houses the Christmas Market of Merano are exposed local craft products such as candles, pottery, Christmas ornaments such as glass beads, wooden statues and nativity scenes. In other gastronomic specialties of South Tyrol as pastries (strudel, gingerbread, cookies), drinks (mulled wine). In still other garments (wool sweaters, gloves, felt slippers), toys and gift items.
On the weekends you play some Christmas concerts with musical performances and choirs of both churches in Merano on walks along the Passer as Advent traditions. The parade of St. Nicholas, the patron saint of the city of Merano, along with his faithful servant, Knecht Ruprecht, and the “Krampus”, devils, takes place on 5 and 6 December. On the walks there are also attractions for children such as the carousel and train. Tours of the city in a horse-drawn carriage Christmas.
The historic center of Merano is festively decorated for the occasion along the streets and alleys of the center, but also the Christmas decorations of the windows emphasize the solemnity of the celebration. Immerse yourself in the cheerful and festive atmosphere of Christmas.