An area of great archaeological interest, Piazza Armerina is different once the site of numerous excavations. One of the most important discoveries made to date is that of the famous MOSAICS of the Villa Romana del Casale in Piazza Armerina. With an area of over 3500 square meters, the Villa was the hunting residence of Maximilian Herculean, a colleague of Diocletian in the management of the Roman Empire. It is today an extraordinary testimony of life in Roman times with its mosaic floors, famous all over the world. A Caltagirone instead discover a city where the baroque is expressed beautifully in all its glory; the “Old Round” and “Bonaiuto,” the Descent of the Jesuit College, the “Theatres”, the churches of SS. Saviour and St. Dominic testomonianza are the most eloquent beauty of a land unique in the world. The numerous guard the treasures of the city’s museums, the history and art of Caltagirone, among them is very important to the Regional Museum of Ceramics where you can follow the paths of this important art that he found, in this city, a degree of development flattering to its inhabitants, and apprezata known all over the world.