I TARTUFI DELLE LANGHE NELLA STORIAOf all the truffles that are marketed in Italy and in the world the most delicious and valuable truffles are collected in the lower Piedmont and precisely on the hills surrounding Alba and the Langhe. Alba boasts the oldest truffle market and for the high quality of the treated product, still determines the “official” price.
The truffle is born and grows near the roots of trees, in particular loves poplar, linden, oak and willow, and can be considered a pest. He lives in symbiosis with the plant the “host” so that the color, smell and even taste are directly dependent on the type of tree under which the truffle is born and grows. Also the shape is determined by external factors, but this time it is the soil which, depending on its friability, conditions the tuber, the soil is more soft and more the truffle will be smooth and perfect.
The truffle is known since ancient times, so much so that it is even mentioned in Babylonian texts dating back to the seventeenth century BC and still later in Greek and Roman texts. There have been many writers who have mentioned this precious fruit of the earth in their essays and there have been many theories on the formation of the tuber: who attributed it to the witches, who the hell, whom the action of lightning struck the ground, and still others I even believed an animal. At the beginning of the eighteenth century, the truffles, the Piedmont, was renowned in all the courts of Europe and was used by the gifts of Turin as a diplomatic gift sure to please and later Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour used it for the same purposes as well as for the political own tasting pleasure. Returning to the present day, we can not mention Giacomo Morra, a citizen of Alba, hotelier and restaurateur. To him we owe the name “truffle of Alba” in addition to the brilliant idea to just say “business” of giving in 1949, the largest truffle harvest actress Rita Haywort. This custom, never interrupted, is still in vogue nowadays and each year passes on some of the news media “trifulao” that sends famous people from the world this precious treasure of the Langhe.
E ‘in this way that the white truffle of Alba is now world renowned, a fruit that you can not grow but every year the generous nature gives man the global ambassador of Alba and the Langhe. If there is ever taste “trifula”, do so paying close attention to the perfume before going on to taste, your senses will be delighted and involved.