Il brodetto termolese di TornolaThe broth termolese of Tornola is lost in the mists of time, but it has certain memory to start from the end of the eighteenth century, when, by the Kingdom of Naples came to us the use of the tomato. Accompanied generations of Termoli who lived in the historic center, devoted mainly to fishing and the cultivation of sandy soils not far from the sea and the mouth of Biferno. It was their evening meal, when he got off at sunset from fishing boats, fishermen returning home with the “scaffetta”, ie with their portion of the proceeds from sorting the catch better fish, destined for the tables of the “gentlemen”. The soup is a mixture of flavors of land and sea, scents that emanate from short cooking time, any palette of colors that would be able to match. It ‘a spell that lasts the duration of a dinner, but whose memory remains intact in the mind and heart.
Famous in the territory of Termoli are Biferno doc Campomarino, city of wine, and the saggiciotto (smoked pork sausage) Montenero di Bisaccia.