IL CARNEVALE DI PUTIGNANOThe Carnival of Putignano is one of the longest. In fact begins in December 26th with the ceremony of the exchange of the candle ceremony, where people gives a candle to the church to ask for forgiveness of the sins we commit during Carnival. It continues in the evening with the “Propaggini”. The festival of Propaggini consists in the recitation of verses rhyming in the local dialect: the poems tease the powerful country and relate to matters on warmest of the past year. In memory of the event which tradition says was the origin of the carnival, the exhibition is held of the verses sung by groups of citizens in peasant clothes and carrying hand tools on display. The carnival itself typically starts three Sundays before Ash Wednesday; more or less every Sunday organizes a parade of papier-mâché floats representing the world of politics, culture or society. The celebrations will conclude on Fat Tuesday, with an evening parade and the celebration of the funeral of the Carnival, represented as a pig. At the end of the funeral takes place the so-called “bell Macaroni”: the mournful sound of bells in mourning celebrated a great feast where you eat pasta, meat and other delicacies. This is the last chance to gorge before the Lenten fast. The traditional mask of Putignano is Farinella, wearing a costume with the symbols of the city; its name comes from the typical product of the same name, a legume flour. In this mask was dedicated a song composed by accordionist putignanese Maestro Benedetto Pipoli to which he gave the same name means “Farinella.”