CARSO_TRA_NATURA_STORIA_LEGGENDA_FIUME TIMAVOThe Timava, river mentioned by Virgil, Livy and Pliny, was born in Croatia, at the foot of the snowy mountain, and after a short distance, it sinks into the abyss of St. Canziano to re-emerge after about 38 km underground route. The greek myth tells that at the outlet of the Timava ended the journey of the Argonauts, while according to Strabo here there was a shrine to the Homeric hero Diomedes. Some inscriptions of the Roman period included in the apse of the church of San Giovanni cite Spes Augusta, Hercules and Saturn. From the fifth century. A.D. was built a basilica, which remains part of the floor mosaic in the church today.
Near the monument dedicated to the Lupi di Toscana are visible traces of the furrows of the Via Gemina driveways that connected Aquileia to Tergeste.
Around the resurgence of Timava branching in various directions grooves carved into the rock, perhaps probable relics of a road of prehistoric origin, linked to the presence of the five Castellieri dell’Ermada and used by the Romans, who fought here in 178 BC with the Histri King Epulo.