IL CINEMA A CEFALUOne of the best ways to tell your swimsuit and your social world and their changes, for example, a city like Cefalu is definitely the cinema. In this context, mention may be made, in fact, the various advertising posters and movie posters that form a particular collection and also quite ancient, seen that the first examples, among other very simple and almost puerile if we compare them with those current date back to 1920. Obviously, this collection adds a valuable testimony of costume changes not only local, but certainly having a bigger breath. But the testimonies film do not stop to this collection. In 1953 Prince Albert Alliatas produced the film titled “Holiday of Love” which has the merit of showing the public all over the city because there was a coincidence between the movie set and the place setting of the film. Other film set installed in the city was the one concerning the making of the film “To Each His Own” in 1967 where he served the city to be a bit ‘all over Sicily. At times a bit ‘more recent, coming to 1988, you have the footage of what was to become an Oscar-winning film, “Cinema Paradiso” by Giuseppe Tornatore. This time the scenario with its natural maritime harbor, the expanse of sea and abandoned homes is the setting for some stages of the growth of the protagonist of the film itself.