CIOCCOLATO DI PERUGIA_2The origins of chocolate are very old and are usually traced back to the period Maya, a people that was probably the first to cultivate the cacao plant. The mythological origins, however, tell us that the cocoa was originated by the sacrifice of an Aztec princess, who had him killed by the enemy in order not to reveal where they had guarded the riches of the kingdom. From the blood of the princess would have sprung the delicate cacao plant, from the mystical meanings and aphrodisiac, so to be paid in the form of drink, priests and warriors. Imported from the Americas in the European courts in sweetened version than the original strong and spicy drink, cocoa spread initially as a medicine and stimulant.
The real consecration of the drink you will only have the second half of the eighteenth century, in France, becoming fashionable among the European aristocracy. Only in the nineteenth century chocolate, once released from elite backgrounds, will change from liquid to solid thus becoming the object of industrial production. In this city there is a strong tradition of chocolate, including the presence of well-known companies in which the master chocolatiers have been handed down for years their art, putting the same craftsmanship then as now, to create small masterpieces of taste and quality . For this reason, Perugia was chosen as the city for the Chocolate, an event open to the public, which takes place in the historic center. During this event are installed the Chocolate Show, shopping area with more than 150 signatures from around the world, the area of educational and cultural courses dedicated to amateurs and professionals and areas devoted to entertainment for children and adults.