IL DIAVOLO E LA BELLAAt the beginning of the last century, one evening some families of Roisan found themselves in a stall next to the parish house for shelling nuts for oil production. They heard a knock at the door. It was a very smart young man, who claimed to be passing by and asked for hospitality for the night. He was granted, provided they give a hand to shell the nuts. A beautiful girl of the company approached him and began to talk. But a young man in the group realized that the newcomer, perhaps distracted from the fascinating girl, performed the work at hand, throwing to the ground the kernels and keeping the shells on the table. He bent down to pick up the fallen nuts, he realized that the young man had no feet but hooves of animals. Frightened, he went secretly to seek help from the parish priest. Once inside the stranger, the sight of the priest, he jumped up and, after the girl scratched his cheek, he escaped through a window. The beautiful remained scarred for life.