IL FANTASMA DELLA DARSENAThe tradition that gave rise to the character of “Fasulin” refers to the mattress Ambrogio Fasoli, lived in Pavia in the eighteenth century and died a widower at the age of forty. This poor man, after the death of his wife to whom he was very fond never recovered and was struck by mental health problems. He used to go out at night for long walks, and this fact was already evidence of his mental instability because walking at night through the dark streets of Pavia in 1750 was madness. In one of these outputs was struck by a kind of “insult” is now called heart failure. Was rescued and rushed to St. Matthew.
Presupposed the imminent death, the chaplain of the hospital wanted to ensure the salvation of his soul, Fasoli, however, in a period of sanity refused the consolations of faith. The chaplain then asked the intervention of the Father Superior of the Capuchins, a cleric in the odor of sanctity. The Father, wanting at all costs to give absolution the infirm, contented himself with a handshake. The handshake seemed inadequate to the Bishopric and then denied a religious funeral, as was the custom in the time the body was tied to a board attached to a horse and dragged through the night toward the bastion of the dock and buried there (location Idroscalo ). This course gave burial strange legends concerning Fasulin and his house, mysterious cavern that existed in the wall of the dock. It was said that the ghost come out at night and, turning into white spectrum wander in the surrounding area in a threatening manner. The spectrum came to harass the neighboring houses and ring the bell of the nearby convent of the Capuchins; then told of moans, clang of chains, faint voices coming out from the antrum.