IL FERRO BATTUTO DI MARTINA FRANCAWrought iron is clearly one of the crafts that have characterized most of the aesthetic of the old town. Balconies spanciate reminiscences borromiane, swirls and scrolls that decorate the balustrades, as if to imitate the art of embroidery, decorate the sides of each historical building. The narrow streets of the village are still lit by wrought iron street lamps decorated with scrolls and leaves twisted on themselves. Even today, contains evidence of the industrial archeology of this area in the neighborhood of the blade where once the craft shops of wrought iron were placed in different studios. From these workshops came out and still railings vertical arrow, S, headboards, chandeliers, sconces, chandeliers, lamp posts, railings, balustrades, mirrors, tables and coffee tables of every size, shape and with any kind of frieze. Despite the passage of time the tradition of wrought iron Martina Franca continues to be passed down and impress thanks to the work of craftsmen who have managed to blend the modern production techniques and the art of the master blacksmiths once.