IL GIARDINO DELL’OTTONEThe Garden Brass was born in 1910 on the initiative of Joseph Garbari, a wealthy landowner Trent, who bought a large piece of land for growing exotic species. The land is located around 400 meters from the sea, near the Garden Ottonella Giorgio Roster. It was probably the same roster that convinced his friend to create a new garden of acclimatization. In 1913 there were already 36 different species of palm trees brass. On the death of Roster (17 January 1927), Garbari sold the garden. The owners successive time they have substantially complied with the original plant.
Restored in 1986-1987, the garden is subdivided into 8 sectors, in respect of the disposal of the primitive. It occupies an area of about 2 hectares and each plant was prepared in an appropriate form. With its exotic plants and rare palms, the brass is now the best private garden of acclimatization in Tuscany.