IL GIOCO DEI BIRILLI D’OROMany, many years ago, almost to the dawn of time, a nation of miners came from Brenner to seek gold and silver lived in the Pflerschtal. But their happiness was disturbed by a very rich and wicked tyrant who ruled his people with fear and demanded huge taxes. And when they could not meet his demands, the evil vented his anger with great cruelty.
For this reason these people lived in fear and misery, while the king was becoming every day more rich; so rich to build himself a skittles all pure gold.
But there came a day that the miner bravest of all, tired of the abuse, refused to work and persuaded his friends to rebel against exploitation and to fight for freedom.
The voice of this fact soon came to the ear of the king who decided to take revenge personally rebel.
The brave miner, sensing the danger, fled as fast as a chamois mountain Tribulaun chased by the tyrant who gave him no respite. Eventually the king reached him brandishing his sword high, but when he was about to strike the fatal blow, the ghost appeared powerful Tribulaun that struck with the fist the top of the mountain splitting it in two. Since that day, in fact, the Tribulaun has two peaks.
The miner was thus able to save and return to his people, hailed as a hero, while the devil tyrant was transformed into a cold rock, “Goldkappl” in fact, placed before the Tribulaun, and you can still see the glint red representing the cloak greed king.
The gold pins were not found, but there are rumors that still lie hidden in Pflerschtal.