The Gulf of the Angels, also known as the Gulf of Cagliari (Sardinian Golfu de Casteddu), it is a stretch to the limits of the Tyrrhenian Sea which overlooks the southern coast of Sardinia. It is bordered to the east of the island of Capo Carbonara and Cabbages and head west from Teulada. The coast is partly sandy and partly rocky but a little jagged profile with few inlets. The beaches are located mainly in the inner while reefs are located in the most external. At the center of the promontory overlooking the Gulf of St. Elias, an integral part of the territory of Cagliari.
The entire coastline is dotted with tourist resorts and residential villages that are owned by the municipalities of Domus de Maria, Pula, Villa San Pietro, Sarroch Capoterra, Cagliari, St. Helens, Maracalagonis, Sinnai (in ‘”administrative area” of Solanas) and Villasimius. Cagliari is the only town that actually overlooks the bay, while the other centers are located a few kilometers from the coast.
The most popular beaches are located in Chia, Santa Margherita di Pula, Nora, La Maddalena, Cagliari, St. Helens, Flumini Quartu Foxi, Torre delle Stelle, Solanas, Geremeas, Villasimius and Capo Carbonara. Several small beaches are scattered along the coast in small bays that alternate with stretches of cliff. The most important for length and number of visitors is the Poetto, a natural strip of 8 km that separates the bay from the pond Molentargius in front of the city of Cagliari and St. Helens.
The cliffs are made from granite or shale rock formations that extend at the massive Sulcis west and the east of Sarrabus and limestone promontory of St. Elias in the center.
The most important industrial areas are represented by the oil refinery in Sarroch Saras and the adjacent petrochemical plants.