The gulf dell is located in the north-west of Sardinia sea between the island of the same name in the north, west and head Falcone Head to head east. The coastline is dotted with beaches, some even several kilometers long. The gulf dell extends from Sassari to Alghero. Alghero, with the testimonies of the Spanish domination are not only an urban, the ancient heart of the city, still intact, the towers, the walls, palaces and religious monuments of Gothic, but especially the roots of a civilization, that of Alghero, which he never forgot to be Catalan and never quite became Sardinia. The city of Sassari is the urban center of Cape Town on the island. It stands on a limestone plateau sloping to the north-west towards the Gulf dell and the plain of Nura, while to the south-east the land is hilly. The urban and suburban territory is characterized by valleys and gorges that cut deep into the plateau on which the city lies.