With its freshwater ponds, brackish water lagoons, salt marshes and coastal dunes, the region around Oristano is one of the most important wetlands in Europe. Authors of this valuable ecosystem are the waters of the river Tirso and the mistral. The west coast of Sardinia, meets the different needs due to its Spiaggge: Is Arenas Is Arutas and Bosa MarinaIl that are part of the famous Gulf of Oristano, an inlet of the Sea of Sardinia, located in the central-western Sardinia named from the town and, along with that of Alghero, is a leading between the gulfs of the island’s west coast. It extends in front of the same Oristano. It is bordered by two headlands mountain sides, while the central part has a lower costs and regular. In the immediate vicinity of the Gulf are numerous ponds, such as Cabras, the pond and the pond of Mistras of St. Just that constitute important areas of wildlife interest and scenic.