The Gulf of Taranto is not to be less than other places in Puglia in terms of beauty of the coast, which here presents itself as an endless line of sand that connects the coast of Marina di Ginosa Taranto, and, after the capital, continues becoming more animated, low and long stretches of rocky. Three locations certainly the most well known Lido Gandoli, enclosed in the gulf between high cliffs and Mediterranean scrub, and just south of Port Vivid, dominated by the sixteenth-century tower, the precious Fisherman’s Bay, on its way, without neglecting other beautiful coves and small bays such as Marina di Pulsano, Marina Piccola, turret Sea, up to the long white sandy beaches and golden Campomarino some other long enclosed headlands and cliffs, and San Pietro in Bevagna, where the sandy beach is gently lapped by high dunes where blooms the maquis. A little further south begins the coast of Salento.