IL GRANDE ANELLO DEI SIBILLINIThe Grande Anello dei Sibillini is a route of around 120 kilometers that encompasses the entire mountain range. Divided into nine stages, is fully reported and allows you to know, in addition to the variety of landscapes and natural beauty, part of the inestimable historical and cultural heritage that keeps this area. For a better use of the Great Ring, the Park has provided for the restructuring of hiking shelters. Those seats in the points stage Cupi, Fiastra Garulla, Colle Montegallo, Glues The EESC and fields are active, while the Rubbiano open by summer; Monastery of the shelter, however, is still under renovation. For the latter two shelters is therefore necessary to assess the accommodation and other facilities to provide for any variations to the path (you point out some possible solutions). The shelters are already active do not guarantee, however, opening for every day of the year, also in some cases the beds are limited in number. It is therefore recommended the reservation. In any case, the entire Great Ring can be followed while taking advantage of traditional accommodations, located along the route or in its immediate vicinity (list accommodation on the Great ring or in its vicinity).