LAGO DI BRAIES2Located about 1500 m above sea level in the northernmost point of the natural park Fanes-Senes-Braies and surrounded by pale peaks of the Dolomites, Lake Braies stands out with its turquoise waters from light shades emerald green and with its idyllic location at the bottom to Pragsertal.
This natural mountain lake formed due to a landslide, attracts all year hikers, bikers and climbers to their shores, promises and offers relaxation and a freshen up after a long day in the mountains and will make you gape with his impressive mountain panorama. Impressive is the famous Seekofel: its German name “Torberg” indicates, which according to legend the Braies Lake was once the door of the underground kingdom of Fanes.
Here stands the historic church dedicated to Our Lady where the couple prayed Austrian heir to the throne shortly before being assassinated in Sarajevo by the beginning of May 1945, the prisoners were freed most illustrious Hitler, the Führer kept hidden just Braies.
Famous as the church on its side, is the lake itself. Many visitors and fans of the television series “One step from heaven” spend their holidays in hotels and apartments not far from the lake, to identify himself better in the movie, because this “pearl among the Alpine lakes” is one of the stars of the production television filmed in South Tyrol. Walking around the lake, they will appreciate the pleasant effect of “already seen” and discern corners that seem known here and there. No wonder then, that people from all over Italy will give appointment for years to Braies lake to admire this extraordinary “stage” of the film.